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Imagine femdom light petplay; like Maka makes soul strip & wear a collar+dog ears (& maybe buttplug tail) and makes soul act like dog, at dinnertime he has to eat from a bowl, Maka teases ;] soul but he can only make dog noises, imagine bath time ^_-

miyudraws answered:

I do. All the time really.
In fact I’ve put a lot of thought into this.
Disgruntled but turned on soul trying to be a good puppy for a viciously teasing Maka. Him getting more and more flustered and her getting a wider and wider grin as he’s tied up and crawling on the floor begging for a treat or some other such thing.
Really it’s the place my mind goes after I think of them becoming an item. Like they have this dynamic where as 50/50 as they are Maka is the one in control.
But I can see at the beginning of the relationship Maka tries really hard to be a normal girlfriend, she tries letting him lead but he’s nervous and doesn’t know how and she’s always been the one in the drivers seat before and he’s just so scared of something going wrong so they get stuck in this- “we’re dating but we have done nothing but kiss that once what now?” Stage. They both start to get really self conscious cause the other hasn’t pushed anything further yet until both of them have completely boiled over and with Maka being the more impatient and rash of the two is the first to break. And when Maka breaks… Well it’s violent. Teeth clashing, nails clawing, she’s angry he hasn’t done anything and she’s finally taken charge but he’s also gotta pay for making her wait.
So she teases and teases hard. He touches her without permission, a slap across the face. He’s confused and turned on and their resonance is going wild and they both without words agree that this is all right and wow who knew a slap could be sexy.
Afterwards they sort of lie there confused and sated and when they’re both done basking in the afterglow of mind numbing wtf that was v kinky sex they finally talk about their relationship and how it should work and… Can we do that again? Like exactly that?
Maka then looks into BDSM with the same vigor she does with everything else and learns so so much and all of it makes her face heat up but also its all so… Delicious. Slowly it goes from being a thing they do in the bedroom sometimes to being their normal sexual routine to being lifestyle. They’re still a loving couple who cuddle during movies and hold hands but most of the time when they’re home alone he’s in a collar and nothing else and she’s using him as a footstool while she reads a book or watches the news.

So yeah lots of imagining here….








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